Leader of Mali’s Ansar Dine Arrested and Detained in Bamako

Ansar Dine Leader of Macina Unit Arrested

Ansar Dine Leader of Macina Unit Arrested
Ansar Dine Leader of Macina Unit Arrested

The leader of Mali’s Ansar Dine was on Tuesday arrested by security officers with the same sources disclosing that the militant leader is being held in a police confinement in Mali’s capital Bamako.

The militant leader identified as Mahmoud Barry alias Abu Yehiya commands Ansar Dine Macina, a combat unit of the militant group.

Abu Yehiya was arrested following an operation carried out by Special Forces of Mali in an area that Ansar Dine operates especially between Nampala Dogofri localities and the central Segou region.

The militant was arraigned before a judicial police on Wednesday barely 24 hours after his arrest.

His arrest is a big blow to the Ansar Dine militant group that is responsible for several onslaughts on members of Malia forces and peacekeepers in the West African country.

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