Key Boko Haram Leader Arrested After Release Of Photographs Of Most Wanted 100 Militants

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Security Agencies have arrested one of the key Boko Haram top dogs as the as he attempted to flee to Lagos.

Chindo Bello was arrested as he boarded an aero contractor’s flight to Lagos on the night Sunday November 8, 2015.

His arrest comes barely a fortnight since the Nigerian Army released pictures of 100 most wanted Boko Haram militants.


Security agencies in Abuja on Sunday November 8, 2015 arrested Chindo Bello one of the most wanted Boko Haram leaders as he attempted to flee to Lagos on a contractor’s plane.

Bello was among the terror leaders whose photo was released to the public as among the most wanted Boko Haram leaders. The Nigeria Army released photographs of 100 Boko Haram kingpins to the public as they appealed to them to volunteer any and all information that will lead to the arrest of the jihadis.

The list of the 100 people did not immediately have the names of the people on it but the army assured those were the first batch as other were being unveiled as further investigations were ongoing.

The released of the 100 terrorist is a huge step towards bringing the guilty to book as they no longer have the advantage of anonymity. Previously they were able to move freely as no one would recognize them and anyone that would they would kill.

In the recent days there has been growing speculation of the Boko Haram militants moving into Lagos following the heavy crackdown on the in the North Eastern region. The photos will however go a long way in ensuring that the kingpins don’t move into other parts of Nigeria and create other cells for the Boko Haram.

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