Key Al Shabaab linked Terror Gang Leaders Arrested In Mombasa County

the two terror suspects Luqman  and Swaleh Mbarak suspects in court on Thursday
the two terror suspects Luqman and Swaleh Mbarak suspects in court on Thursday

Event Summary:

Police on Wednesday 21st October night conducted a raid on a suspected terror suspect in Mombasa County Kenya arresting two suspects.

The suspects arrested are responsible for a streak of police and informants killings in the coastal region and have links to the Al Qaeda affiliated in East Africa Al Shabaab.


Police in Mombasa county acting on credible intelligence on Wednesday 21st night raided the house of suspected terror suspects nabbing them and seizing several crude weapons among them swords, drugs and military jacket.

The police arrested two suspects among them Swaleh Mbarak and Luqman Mohammed Shee a key leader of a terror affiliated gang responsible for streak of police and their informants killings in the coastal region.

The raid came barely two days after the security officials in Mombasa announced beefed up surveillance and enhanced vigilance following an intelligence reports indicating an impeding terror attack at the Kenyan coast.

Al Shabaab in the past months have suffered great loss as the Kenya major operation base in Boni Forest was ambushed and they were flushed  out by the Operation Linda Boni Initiative in Lamu County.

Additionally Luqman’s gang has been linked to two of the 5 suspected terrorist whose pictures were released to the media earlier in the week and are responsible not only of police killings but also innocent civilians at the coast.

The two were arraigned in court on Thursday October 22nd and remanded for 10 more days pending thorough investigations.

Conclusion and Forecast:

The arrest of the two suspects and the subsequent link to some of the terror suspects on the wanted list is a clear indication of the improvement of the intelligence gathering and cooperation among the Kenyan Security Agencies towards annihilating the Al Shabaab.

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Terror police units especially in the coast, has intensified surveillance, enhanced vigilance and employed both artificial and human intelligence to curb and preempt any impeding terror attacks. The mentioned herein measures together with the flushing out of Al Shabaab in Boni Forest are a significant step towards fanning off terrorist from the Kenya.

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