Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta Meet UN Security Council Over AMISOM, Repatriation of Refugees

MeetingAMISOM, DADAAB CLOSURE, May 20, 2016

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday 20th May 2016 is expected to hold talks with delegation from the UN Security Council.

Expected to feature in the meeting is AMISOM progress in Somalia and repatriation of refugees.

Kenya has maintained it stance that Dadaab refugee camp will be closed citing financial constraint as well security threat emanating from the camp.


According to brief made a some weeks ago by Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Nkaissery, Dadaab complex continues to harbor militants from Somalia who plan and conduct attacks in the country.

Large-scale attacks such as Westgate, Garissa University attack and Lamu Mpeketoni were planned inside the Dadaab complex and orchestrated by transnational militants.

UN Security Council is expected to try talk to Kenya to reconsider its decision to wipe Dadaab camp.

Kenya which has troops in AMISOM Somalia argues that Somalia is safer than it was 25 years ago and thus Somali refugee population can go back to their country.

Kenya’s decision has been supported by Finland calling on Somali refugees to go back to their country saying security has improved; several regions have been pacified by SNA and AMISOM off Al-Shabaab terrorists.


Kenya, an economic powerhouse within East Africa is expected lay out critical points as far as AMISOM peacekeeping mission in Somalia is concerned.

According to a Statement from State House, President Kenyatta will discuss the lack of critical components necessary to achieve the strategic objective of stabilizing Somalia with the UN Security Council Delegation.

AMISOM battling terrorists in Somalia lacks robust air and maritime capabilities among other warhead assets.

Another key point expected to feature in the discussion is the issue of AMISOM funding. EU recently announced 20 percent reduction of funding to AMISOM.

Kenya is also expected to lobby more AMISOM deployment in Gedo region, Somalia where Al-Shabaab militants have a strong presence.

Gedo region is perceived as a fertile haven for Al-Shabaab and a launching pad for attacks against Kenyan troops and people along Kenya-Somalia border.

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