Kenya’s Economy Has Promising Future; Former US Ambassador JONATHAN SCOTT GRATION Concurs

It is good news for Kenya’s economy which has been hit severely by the current insecurity crisis; travel advisories as well as general economic growth stall in the past month.

While investors are shying away from Kenya, one company, Champion Afrik Limited is injecting over $250 million (Ksh23.25 billion) into the economy by investing in one of the world’s largest Ferro-Manganese plant at the Kenya coast. The investment will expand to more than a billion dollar worth upon completion of set up for all the components.

Champion Afrik Limited will be partnering with blue-chip international conglomerates, government, and county organization among other development agencies in improving the quality of life of the people and working conditions.

The living standards will be improved by increasing the size of arable land, irrigation in the arid and semi-arid areas, improve rural electrification by developing mini-grids and general infrastructure improvement.

They are further awakening the agricultural giant within Kenya by developing advanced multifaceted organic fertilizer. The fertilizer is set to do away with chemical fertilizers and pesticides alongside soil rejuvenation and restore natural resistance to diseases that affect plants. In the same breathe the enhanced and ‘safe’ inputs will further commercialize agriculture in Kenya especially in the currently unused land.

The Champion Afrik Limited Executive Chairman who is former US Ambassador to Kenya, Jonathan Scott Gration has spent considerable amount of time in the country. He shows his confidence in the country’s stability and says that no country is immune from terrorism as it is a global problem and that should not stop any investor in investing especially in Kenya.

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While most people especially the political fraternity are busy pointing fingers and shifting blame the catalyst of spiraling economic growth is unity and togetherness in fighting off the challenges.

How is Kenya set to gain from the multi-million dollar Ferro-Manganese Plant?

  • Increased exports especially very high value ones in the global market
  • Increased food security for the Kenya population
  • Living standards improved as well as the quality of life
  • Job opportunities with good working conditions will be generated both at the plant and indirectly by the projects it will initiate
  • The company and its components is set to earn income for Kenyans through its public listing
  • Revenue for the government that will be used in other development undertakings.


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