Kenya’s Border Security At All Points Beefed Up As War On Terror Intensifies

Kenya’s security especially at border points has been beefed up immensely. Contrary to popular opinion that only security at the Kenya-Somali border has been intensified, border security at all points in the country has been improved.

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These measures in place are aimed and protecting the Kenyan populace from attack from any neighboring countries which are all susceptible to attacks as well as be used as alternative routes.

The security at all border points ensures that terrorists especially the Al-Shabaab militants have no access to Kenya especially henceforth due to the complete seal off of the Kenya-Somali border.

The tight border security and the extra vigilance of the border points is evidenced by the recent capture of two trucks attempting to gain access to Kenya that were loaded with over 20,000 pairs of Administration Uniforms en route to Nairobi. The uniforms were captured at the Busia  border point which is the Uganda-Kenya entry/exit point.

Surveillance at the borders points and towns is a very crucial and significant in the long term security of the country.  The borders in the East African region are increasing becoming porous partially because of the East Africa integration that is aimed at reducing barriers between the countries.

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