Kenya’s Anti-Crime Prevention Units Deployed to Neutralize Criminals

Kenya’s internal security policy has shifted its lenient human life value to a shoot to kill policy as a means to end high levels of crime in the country.

The government has ordered a crackdown on crime in the country and the results are formidable.

Crime prevention units of the Kenya police service have been deployed to neutralize criminals and gangs in the country.

The president was advised that crime is abetted by some rogue officers who tip off criminals or collaborate with gangs to benefit financially through protection services.

The president and the national security committee ordered police chiefs in the country to formulate plans of actions which sidelined suspected moles in police precincts across the country.

This isolation is helping keep criminal’s associates and informers oblivious of crime prevention measures and operations.

Intelligence advisers have been providing leads on criminal gangs across the country while CID officers committed to the call of duty have been able to track down these criminals.

This plan of action has facilitated the procurement of great results with over 15 radical criminals in Nairobi neutralized in sting operations alone.

Police are not going to negotiate with criminals and terrorists over the national security of the country, analysts point out, the current leadership is focused on ensuring national security is safeguarded and citizens feel secure.

Crime levels have soared in Kenya in the recent past.

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