Kenyan Al Shabaab Recruits Flee From Somalia As Defection Rates Hit All-Time High Since US Airstrikes

Foreign al Shabaab fighters have been fleeing Somalia following the enhanced US airstrikes and ground attacks by the Somali security forces and allied AMISOM troops. Among those fleeing the war-torn country are fighters from neighboring Kenya who feel that have been accused of espionage and the leak that has been leading to the death of the jihadi brothers.
Intelligence sources from Kenyan authorities have revealed that the recruits have been fleeing and seeking to return back to Kenya and a considerable number has been arrested at the border crossing. While some were arrested as they tried to sneak into the country, others have been seeking a more official way by defecting and seeking amnesty, rehabilitation and incorporation back into the society.
Moreover, a multi-agency team has scaled up security along the border with Somalia to deal with armed fighters. Sources in the military (Somalia and Kenya) further say intelligence agencies have managed to infiltrate the al Shabaab network and have averted most of their attacks. They are also assisting the United States with its operations.

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