Kenya Warns US Over Security Bill Sentiments

Kenyans reacted angrily to United States statement on the new Kenya security laws, warning the US from meddling on the Kenyan internal affairs.

On Facebook, angry Kenyan’s said the West had bad laws and the practices of the security intelligence forces there were no near Godly.

It is not the business of the USA, let them mind their issues.

The USA failed in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, they should shutup and concentrate on solving their issues.

Kenya is a sovereign state, and we do not answer to the US.

We are Kenyan’s not Americans! We do things our way

Also a statement from a State House official stingily criticized the United States view of the new security bill.

There is growing anti-US view in Kenya since the last election when United States government openly favored a presidential candidate (Raila Odinga) and warned of grave consequences if Uhuru Kenyatta was elected.

However, Washington and Nairobi have been mending fences after President Kenyatta visited Washington in 2014.

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