Kenya & Turkey Support Somalia in Fight against Al-Shabaab

Kenya and Turkey share the same vision on fighting terrorism and also on solving the issue of refugees.

Kenya and Turkey are supporting anti-terrorism efforts in Somalia. Speaking in Nairobi, the head of the Turkish parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee noted that Kenya as pivotal player on the war against Al-Shabaab.

Ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party Malatya Deputy Taha Ozhan made the remarks amid a visit with a delegation focusing on Kenyan-Turkish bilateral ties through meetings with Kenyan parliamentarians plus International Monetary Fund and World Bank representatives.

The main topics of the meeting focused on refugees crisis citing Kenya is a home of more than half a million refugees. Also discusses was the challenge of terrorism between two countries and attempted coup in Turkey which left at least 248 killed and some 2,200 others injured.

Ozhan noted that Kenya and Turkey have encountered the worst of terrorism due to their role in fighting it.

Kenya has suffered a spate of attacks from Al-Shabaab after taking part in AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia. The militants have called on Kenya to take out its troops from Somalia and subsequently conducts attacks as a retaliation.

Turkey on the also has suffered under hands terrorists due to its position it has taken, battling PKK and Daesh terrorists.

Ozhan said Turkey will continue working closely with African countries on trade, refugee issues, and security, citing Turkey’s campaign to rehabilitate Somalia after decades of conflict, drought, and hunger.

“The same goes for Kenya. We have had an embassy in Kenya for years now, our relations are good, and our agenda is positive and we would like to deepen this,” he said.


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