Kenya To Demand Police And Drug Enforcement Clearance Certificate From Foreign Students To Curb Security Risks Posed By Crime And Drug Rings

In the stringent efforts to curb drugs in the country, Kenya has issued a directive demanding that all international students provide police clearance certificates and an additional Drug Enforcement Agency clearance certificate from Nigerian students who seek visas to study in Kenya.

The directive is expected to take effect in January according to a statement issued by Kenya’s Immigration Department, and it is geared at curbing the recent surge of crimes and drug trafficking rings masquerading as students. The police clearance is just a stipulation that will give Kenyan authorities assurances that the foreigners do not have criminal records as some of them claim to be students only to engage in activities that cause security threats.

The additional requirement for Nigerian students is in line with the recent surge of drug trafficking by Nigerian nationals fronting as students. Drugs have become a significant threat to the country with the illegal business affecting many youths and students and escalating to violent crimes and murders.

Moreover, the Kenyan police have said that they are curbing on immigration and most of the illegal immigrants have been using Kenya as a transit route either to Europe or South Africa where there is a large market for the drugs.

The move will make significant strides in ensuring that no individuals stay in Kenya while they pose social, moral or security threat especially under pretenses of higher education.

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