Kenya Special Forces; KDF Finest Men Behind Operation Linda Nchi

They operate in silence, you can feel your hair grow, but their silence could be heard in Somalia Operation Linda Nchi.

And they seize and capture barely shedding a drop of blood.

The Kenya Special Forces are Kenya Defense Forces’ men selected carefully to comprise the top of the secretive pyramid.

Their impact is never felt because they design their operations never to be felt. Their impression could however not escape a few people’s scrutiny during the capture of Kismayu. Kenya Special Forces squad was the first to land in Kismayu to secure the foothold for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in Somalia.

They landed in Somalia in September 2012 at night when it was extremely cold, settling in Kismayu and clearing KDF’s way off the al Shabaab who were meanwhile lured on KDF’s arrival.

They are a group in the Special Forces that most Kenyans have given up trying to find out who they really are and what they do. For security of the nation, it is better the situation remains that way. A less muscular man that lives next door to you could be one of these men keenly selected to comprise the group with an entry that not just any one passes.

And the mystery behind the Kenya Special Forces does not just end on who they are and what they do.

To execute its mission, the Special Forces unit equips itself with a 40kg patrol bag containing night vision goggles, a medical kit, clothing and an emergency blanket to protect them from fire or chemicals, maybe just that, and the unit takes off with speed and precision to undertake their mission.

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The Kenya Special Forces undertake training in Gilgil in Nakuru County. The training is extremely tough that only the hardened hard break through to match the tough operations in store for them. And Kenya has the best of these men. Their number is top covered intelligence but the fact is that they are the best.

Among the operations they are often assigned include going behind enemy lines on reconnaissance missions and collecting information to be relayed back before the operation starts.

The Kenya Special Forces together with the Rangers Strike Force were the newest units whose existence became public after Operation Linda Nchi started in October 2011 when Kenya entered Somalia.

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