Kenya-Somalia Border Wall Construction Progress

Construction of the 700kms Kenya-Somalia border wall is on course, as confirmed from security sources.

The construction of the Kenya-Somalia border wall is aimed at barring unwanted persons from freely crossing over into the country.

According to IG of Police who recently was inspecting the wall, the security border wall will not deter or limit movement of people to and from Somalia as earlier perceived.

The wall is most importantly aimed at barring Al-Shabaab terrorist’s infiltration, and help security authorities on checking them as they try to cross to and from Somalia.

The security wall will have designated entry point at Mandera, Elwak, Liboi and other areas down to Lamu manned by security personnel and Immigration officers.

The security border wall will also have CCTVs installed at strategic points and will consist of various obstacles including a ditch and a patrol road for the security agents.

The wall, contrary to what many believed it would be, is build with posts wires mesh and barbed wire. It is then sewn with electric wires running through it and a trench besides it.

The fence will run across the whole Kenya-Somalia border from Kiunga in Lamu County to the Mandera-Ethiopia border at River Dawa.

Designated border points will also have police posts, Kenya Revenue Authority officers among other government offices to provide vital services.

Check below photos on the wall progress;

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