Kenya Set to Benefit Economically with President Barack Obama’s Visit

Kenya is set to benefit from the oncoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be graced by the United States President Barack Obama.

Kenya has undergone significant economic development and it stands as one of the world’s most dynamic economies.  The country has established global economic ties with some of the world’s strongest economies like China.

President Obama’s fourth trip to Africa is actually geared toward further developing business ties with Kenya which is described as East Africa’s Economic powerhouse.

The Government of Kenya has put in place tight security ahead of an event that is likely to attract a big audience, both from local as well as international platforms.  The government has assured roads will be safe to access by citizens. This is contrary to earlier OSINT reports of an expected lock down accruing to the Obama visit.

Specialized vehicles including the Presidential limo expected in the country the night before his arrival.

US President Barack Obama is expected to arrive in Nairobi on 25th July 2015.

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The US just assented to the gay rights agenda. Obama might try to push similar agendas here following his visit…be on high alert