Kenya Set To Begin Exporting 2,000 Barrels of Oil Daily From July 2017

Kenya to build its own oil pipeline to transport crude oil

Kenya to build its own oil pipeline to transport crude oil


Kenya has announced plans to start exporting 2,000 barrels of crude oil daily from July 2017.

The announcement was made in Nairobi by Deputy Chief of Staff in the Executive Office of the President Nzioka Waita saying that the oil will come from the resources in Lokichar Basin in Northern Kenya.

Waita noted that the oil will be transported by road and rail as the country waits for the competition of the oil pipeline by 2022.

Waita made the announcement during the unveiling of the Second Quarter 2016 Petroleum Insight.

Kenya made its first oil discovery in March 2012 and has so far confirmed about 750 million barrels of recoverable crude oil deposits.

Kenya is set to benefit from its natural resources as soon as possible and in turn improve public service delivery, Waita added.

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