Kenya Security Wall is Being Built on Kenyan Land

The government has commenced the construction of the Security Wall along the entire stretch of the Kenya-Somalia border (which starts from Mandera to Kiunga in Lamu County). The wall is being built on Kenyan territorial lands and as such the government is exercising its legitimate right to secure the nation through the construction of a perimeter barrier against a hostile entity embedded in a neighboring territory.

There exists an unsubstantiated claim that the Security wall is being constructed on Somalia’s territory but these are just baseless claims lacking any legal, cartographic and international backing. The government is tasked with protecting its populace, with the constitution mandating the government to formulate and implement security policies that will guarantee the safety of the Kenyan citizenry.

There has also been an accusation being peddled around by malcontents, academic oddities, al Shabaab terrorists and uninformed Somalia government officials that Kenya has encroached on Somalia’s territory and even established Kenyan settlements there. This accusation is false and is being spread in bad faith with the intent to discredit the Kenyan government as well as justify hostile diplomatic moves that are being effected by elements within the Somalia National Government. Kenya is a constitutional democracy that respects International Law.

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