Kenya Police Service Puts Sh 8 Million Bounty Reward on Four Al-Shabaab Terrorists


Kenya Police Service Friday 26th February 2016, offered a bounty reward of Sh 8 million for information that will lead to the arrest of four Al-Shabaab terrorist involved in Mandera bus attack.

The police published and distributed photos of the terrorists involved in the November 2014 Mandera bus attack that left 28 people killed but one photo of the militant was not available.

The names of the terrorists are Abdullahi Diyat, Idris Issack, Ahmed Uweys and Mohamed Shide.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said one who will help with information will be paid Sh 2 million for each of the terrorist arrested.

Boinnet said the terrorists are believed to be operating from Mandera and Wajir counties and the Gedo region of Somalia and maybe in the company of other Al-Shabaab terrorists and their sympathizers in the said localities.


  • Diyat and Issack – the two are believed to have a hand in the Makkah bus and Mandera quarry attacks.
  • Ahmed uweys – is from Godondowe, Somalia. He also believed to belong to Al-Shabaab intelligence wing, the Amniyaat. Believed to be a close ally of Adan Garar killed in March 2015. He was also linked to the Mandera attacks.
  • Shide – is from Garreh community and once was a Madrassa teacher. He is also an Amniyaat member. Close associate of Aden Garar. Trained in IEDs and is responsible for transporting and facilitation of arms for attacks in Kenya and Somalia.
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