Kenya Intelligence & Police Informers & Al-Shabaab Defectors Found Killed & Buried in Mass Graves


The al-Qaeda-affiliated Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement Amniyaat operatives under instructions from one of the jihadists Juba area commanders Abdurahman Mohamed Kuno Gamadheere aka Dulyadeen, killed 5 Kenya security and intelligence informers in NEP and burried them in a shallow grave in Mandera area of Mandera County in NEP Kenya.

Intelligence reports show that a plot by Al-Shabaab to kill quary workers on 11th and 12th of December 2015 in Mandera and Meru was foiled by the intelligence service and the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit in Kenya on the 1st week of November. ATPU conducted an operation and arrested the cell members in Mandera. These arrests are believed to have angered the Al-Shabaab’s Juba region commander Mohamed Kuno Gamadheere who masterminded the Garissa University attack on 2 April 2015.

Intelligence reports show that Mohamed Kuno Gamadheere sneaked into Kenya’s Wajir area in mid-November (after the arrests)during a heavy downpour through a unmanned border area where he briefly met with cell members then left (OSINT Reports). The recent incursions in Garissa and Wajir as reported by the media in past weeks were the terror groups camoflauge. Their movement was meant to cause confusion besides make rapid deployment units deploy in areas where the terrorists were seen thus allowing Gamadheere to move without detection.

Gamadheere alias Dulyadeen gave instructions to weed out Government informers to local Al-Shabaab cells which are composed of youths (mainly) under the guidance of the Amniyaat (Al-Shabaab Intelligence wing).

According to a Kenya ‘country risk assessment report’ obtained by Strategic Intelligence, the National Intelligence service warns of Shabaab’s objective to get media attention.

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“The failure to conduct attacks in Kenya besides the consistent arrest of the elements tasked to conduct the attacks is making the Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement Juba region command despair. Note that they are under pressure by their leaders in Jiliib to attack Kenya since we share a common border. Note that, Shabaab is also desperate  for global recognitions to address the decrease in the inflow of foreign fighters and the ISIS supremacy. They want to make headlines news and overshadow ISIS which has threatened their supremacy in terrorism activities. It is possible, Shabaab will crackdown on police informers and defectors in Kenya, who disclose their cells and plans. It is also important to note, the Shabaab may kill these Somali’ informants objectively, meaning the killings will have 2 outcomes: (1): it’ll look extrajudicial thus anger Muslims and the Somali’s. Such outcomes would pose great threat to Kenya’s national security (2): The Shabaab will have eliminated the problem of leakage of their plans thus allow them a window of opportunity to conduct attacks in Kenya.”

Kenya police and locals from Mandera found shallow graves of dead Kenyans. The discovery led to an uproar on social media. Anti-Terror Police Unit operatives and intelligence agents attached to the security networks were able to identify some of the dead as their informers and agents.

The Government of Kenya offered KES 20 million ($215,000 equivalent of £145,000) reward for the capture of Dulyadin Gamadhere, who goes by several other names including Mohammed Kuno


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