Kenya Police Deaths on Road Raise Questions About Driving Skillset

the Commandos in charge of the high risk rescue mission at Westgate Mall and Garissa University College Massacre
the hardened GSU RECCE squadron of Kenya

the Commandos in charge of the high risk rescue mission at Westgate Mall and Garissa University College Massacre

4 Police officers attached to the presidential guard which is drawn from the Kenya Police General Service Unit’s Recce Company died after their vehicle rolled.

The surveillance team was headed to Loyangalani district, Marsabit West Sub County to conduct surveillance on the area ahead of the presidents visit.

2 Police officers died after the driver lost control of the vehicle. The Toyota Land-cruiser rolled killing the driver and his colleague.

Police drivers are supposed to undertake advanced driving courses where they study and practically learn VIP, defensive and advanced driving.

These studies/courses mound these drivers to adapt capabilities that can effectively reduce accidents and help save lives of passengers.


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The drivers driving the forces vehicles are overconfindence bcos some of them bliv that they can not be questioned even by the traffic they drive as they r the only users of the road.they know but they assume en ignore the simple rules.

Nobody loves death…if they knew they were to die im sure hawangeenda isiolo.The driver have bn driving ever since,he made no accidents.Ajali haina kinga no matter how competent you are!

In kenya ther are fiew or non accidents, these is just first degree marder,according to my school of DEFENSIVE DRIVING.accendent is what happens without prior warning and the vihecle will automatically communicate to driver that either brake linings or bad have defect or when you are the road anticipate anything can happen,you cause or somebody can cause inconvinient to you even if you are on the right side. And if someone indicates with lights that something is wrong don’t assume and starting talking to yourself that “now look this whom is he lighting this daylight” and maybe he is warning you that my brake is not working get out of the way!

to me as also a competent case of a tyre bust its a 50/50 case to servive.then the speed matters also.ofcourse this vehicle was in high skill the driver could hve accident is an worrier in it.lets accept the situation their tyme hve reached and there is nothing to judge here..because even the pilot himself cannot explain what happened exetral

hi.this is just cover en judgements. human is to error.todays morning…at narumoru police station in nyeri county..two police hve perished in the same manner.the vehicle a toyota landcruser is new in stable rolled in a very clear black pple should learn that skill are also in humans to apply when you can make it….