Kenya on High Alert as NIS Agents Preempt Major Terror Attack

Security agencies in Kenya are on high alert after intelligence from different credible sources point out a high-magnitude terror attack in the Capital Nairobi and the coastal tourist resort city of Mombasa.

A multi-agency cooperation is ongoing swiftly with terror cells and their handlers being the targets by the security agents.

Al-Shabaab has been desperate to launch a terror attack in Kenya after the Westgate attack but their efforts have been preempted by the revamped Intelligence Service.

Credible Intelligence shows terrorists entered Kenya in the guise of seeking medical care and as refugees. These terrorists did contact cells under the intelligence watch.

We have intelligence showing that these terrorists indeed do want to attack Kenya either using suicide means or a seige on an upscale mall, security intelligence sources report.

The preemption of this terror plot comes a few weeks after the National Intelligence Service and the Anti-Terror police stopped another planned attack in Mombasa arresting 11 suspects including suicide bombers.

Al-Shabaab is planning to score a hit using gunmen and suicide bombers but we are watching every step of these cells and Kenyans must remain vigil too.

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