Kenya Military Gets Special Trained Elite Team for Troops Rescuing Missions


  1. KDF Special Unit hopes to gain capabilities of formations similar to the Navy Seal Team 6 of the US.
  2. The Unit will conduct rescue/combat missions under the code name ‘Linda Rhino’

A new Kenya Air Force Unit was established last week. The new military unit will be tasked to conduct rescue mission for the KDF troops.

The Air Force Unit which was unveiled on Tuesday is highly trained with capabilities of formations such as the Navy Seal Team 6 of the US.

A new Kenya Air Force unit will operate behind the enemy lines to ensure that KDF in the battlefield are not left behind especially soldiers battling Al-Shabaab in war-torn Somalia.

Defence Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo unveiled the unit and formally will safely recover own or friendly forces who either been taken hostage by enemy, downed from an airplane or self-ejected from a fighter aircraft or inadvertently lost in enemy territory.

The unit was hatched by the Kenya Air Force following what is going on in the war tor-torn Somalia.

Following incidents of attacks, ambushes by the enemy (Al-Shabaab) a Special Unit will come in handy in conducting combat and rescuing mission.

The training was supported and identified by USAF AFRICOM (United States Africa Command). The unit underwent intensive training under the guidance the US Air Force ahead of their inauguration at the Nanyuki Airbase.

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