Kenya Gets Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) from U.S, a Boost on Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capabilities

Kenya has received war drones it had bought in U.S two years ago.

The high tech unmanned aerial vehicles will enable Kenya conduct real-time surveillance in the battlefield and also along its borders especially, Kenya-Somalia borders.

The Kenyan government had ordered for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) popularly known as drones, dubbed ScanEagle at a cost of Sh 1 billion in 2015. The purchase was made under the US Department of Defence’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme.

The drones’ acquisition will place Kenya in the league of countries that turned to spy aircraft in effort to fight terror and organized crime.

U.S State Department spokesman David McKeeby confirmed of the purchase saying the ScanEagle units have been delivered and now form part of Kenya’s artillery though he did not disclose how many drones were delivered.

Drones are the game changers for military strategists and planners around the world. From surveillance and communication to logistics and attack, drones are doing practically everything in and around battlefields.

The drone are expected to boost Kenya’s surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, provide the much need real-time information more about terrorists and their hideouts for preemptive counter attacks.


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