Kenya, Ethiopia To Increase Airstrikes Against Al Shabaab: To Reduce Operational Cost Of Ground Boots

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AMISOM troops in Somalia will need to concentrate the attack module to air strike and reduce ground attacks following the recent funds cutting from the European Union.

Kenya and Ethiopia are set to use their aircrafts to increase the airstrikes against the Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen in a deal being finalized with the United Nations.


European Union have announced a 20% cut in the funding that is channeled to the peace keeping mission in Somalia that currently stands at $200 million annually. The resolution was agreed upon by European Union Parliament cutting the largest source of financing for the over 22,000 troops in Somalia under AMISOM.

Following this funding cut, two troop contributing countries; Kenya and Ethiopia have offered to use their attack helicopters to robust the attacks against the al Shabaab which is set to suffer major setbacks when the funding-cut takes effect.

According to the 2012 UN Security Council Resolution 2036, AMISOM can have up to three attack helicopters, usually from troop-contributing countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda or Burundi. The UN then recompenses every country based on equipment used.

Despite the projected increased use of airstrikes in Somalia, the EU has said that the funding cut effects will be minimalistic as the African Union is exploring alternative funding sources which will bridge the gap caused by the cut.

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