Kenya, East Africa’s Super Power, Ends Most Politically Acrimonious Year as a World Trendsetter

How East Africa’s Super Power, Kenya, Ends Most Politically Acrimonious Year as a World Trendsetter

The eyes of the world throughout 2016 were trained on the Republic of Kenya, a country which the United Nations (UN) rated as extremely democratic while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) classified it as one of the countries whose economy is robust and steadily growing in the world. In fact, there were myriads of beautiful stories about Nairobi throughout 2016. Kenya's place in Africa is that of the big-brother.

Back home, there 10 things to be proud of despite the grim image painted by the riotus opposition.

  1. Tourism is back on its feet. That’s a shot in the economy’s arm.
  2. Terrorism, a major threat to the country national security has been well tackled, though it remains an imminent threat.
  3. Security in the country has been best in so many years. Criminals, bank robbers, terrorists, and thugs have been gunned down, making the country make great strides in reposing confidence in investors.
  4. Massive infrastructure development in the country has raised the country’s global ranking. The Silk Road (Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)) is almost complete and the world is envious.
  5. World-class roads and highways are popping up everywhere in the country making movement of goods and services to people easy.
  6. Well equipped and housed police service has served the country well in 2016. Controlling traffic jams, responding to crime reports, and gallantly clamping down crime despite the challenge of a tainted image.
  7. A Robust economy: Kenya’s economy remains robust. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has resisted shocks to remain steady in upward growth.
  8. Democratic space in the country is world-class; in Kenya you can air your dissenting opinion freely. Social justice and transparency have been espoused.
  9. War on corruption has found traction with hundreds of cases taken to court despite the politicization. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) has done a tremendous job preempting the threat posed by corruption. The President, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta had mandated the NIS to tackle corruption.
  10. A Powerful and loved ally of many top global countries, President Uhuru Kenyatta has heralded Kenya to world acclaim. The World’s most powerful leaders including the Pope, US President and the Israeli Prime Minister visited Kenya, an indicator of good leadership, a vision for the country, and better times ahead.
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In his speech about Kenya, outgoing US President Barrack Obama said Kenya’s economy and overall stature has dramatically changed in past 6 years. Kenya, in another 5 years will be in the class of Singapore and South Korea.

There is so much to be proud of in Kenya. 2016 has been a good news story.



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