Kenya Defence Forces ward off Al Shabaab attack on their Gedo base

September 6th 2015 at 00:00 GMT +3-The first batch of security forces have set up camps in four regions within two counties bordering Boni forest
KDF soldiers in a previous operation
KDF soldiers in a previous operation

Wednesday 2nd September, Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia warded off Al Shabaab militants that had attacked their base in El-Adde location of Baladhawo in Gedo Region.

The night incident ensued after the militants tried to attack the KDF base heavily armed that prompted a very fierce gunfight that lasted a few hours.

The KDF were able to overpower the militants inflicting serious casualties and remaining in control of their base.

The Kenya Defence Forces have been able to restore the calm that had been disrupted by the sounds loud the fierce gun battle overnight

Once again the KDF have been able to prove their might and capability in being able to tackle attacks from the Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen who in the recent weeks are attacking military bases in a bid to ease off the pressure mounted on them by the AMISOM troops in Somalia.

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What’s this Kenya Army KDF? I thought it would just be KDF. ..or are you also behaving like KTN? ??This is about strategic news. ..nothing less nothing more. So characterise or categorise KDF as an entity as expected. Otherwise good job done by the defence forces there.