Kenya Defence Forces Adequately Responded to the Garissa Attack

Absolute horror, destroyed dormitories and facilities, student belongings, destruction and signs of a clean-up is what remains of a Kenyan University in Garissa following last week’s attack by the Al Shabaab.

Some of Kenya’s forces are still at the scene conducting their final “clean-up” to ensure that there is no more harm in the area.

As for the rest of the Kenya Defence Forces, the military men are in Somalia conducting airstrikes on Al Shabaab dens in Somalia, keeping a tight grip on security in the area.

We have so far established that the forces have destroyed several dens and the destruction is still continuing.

Despite several claims that the forces did not adequately respond to the massacre by the terrorists, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Amina Mohammed has disputed the claims and stated that the response witnessed during the Thursday attack was quite adequate, as she also recognized the large number of students killed during the attack.

Kenya’s best and available resources used by the KDF to counter the terrorists helped to cut down on the number of killed students, had the KDF not responded as soon as they did.

The bombing of Al Shabaab targets in Somalia by the African Union troops in Somalia is currently intensified as also confirmed by Amina Mohammed. Kenya aims at clearing any dens and the forces have urged civilians to fast report any suspected homestead having members of the militia group.

Kenya’s picture has however been tainted considering the fact that one of the terrorist gunned down was a Kenyan and a former Law student at one of Kenya’s main Universities.

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The minister has further clarified that the attacker, whose profile has kept changing from time to time, should be treated as any other attacker (local or foreign).

Kenya’s allies including the United States and Israel have confirmed their support for Kenya in the war against terrorists.

Kenya is expected to release a list of suspected Al Shabaab members as intelligence teams continue to preempt threats towards Kenya.

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