Kenya Defence Forces Receive KSH9.5 Billion For The War Against Al Shabaab From United States

President Uhuru Kenyatta, Gen Mwathethe-Chief of Defence Forces and Raychelle Omama Defence Cabinet Secretary at a past meeting

Key Points:

  • Kenya Defence Forces receives KSH.9.5 million this financial year as a boost to its fight against Al Shabaab from the United States
  • The money set to be used to acquire equipment, train the soldiers and support the KDF’s effort in Somalia.
  • The funding is a 163% compared to the KSH 3.8 billion given last year


The United States’ government has given Kenya Defence Forces KSH9.5 billion aid as a boost to its efforts against Somalia-based al Qaeda affiliated group Harakat Al Shabaab Al Mujahideen.

The aid is a 163% increment from the KSH3.8 billion given in the last financial year. The amount of aid given by the US to Kenya has increased over the past few years with this year’s marking being the highest as a result of increased terror attacks on Kenya and the mission in Somalia.

The money will be used to buy equipment, train the military personnel and support the KDF in Somalia fighting against Al Shabaab. It will specifically be used in heightening “maneuver and border force, intelligence, logistics and counter IED attacks that have become the attack-mode of choice for the Al Shabaab especially in the recent weeks.

According to the military, KSH.1.9 Billion will be used to buy drones, and unmanned aerial vehicles that will conduct reconnaissance both on land and sea. According to OSINT report, the surveillance equipment to be acquired by Kenya is state of the art: undetectable, video-camera installed operable from a remote location.

A huge beneficiary of the aid is the Kenya Rangers Regiment a highly trained elite unit of KDF as it will receive KSH.2.52 billion to support their efforts.

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The Kenya Defence Forces are expected to receive an additional counterterrorism aid under peacekeeping via the East Africa counterterrorism account.

Additionally, the US has given funds to holistically combat terrorism especially Cyber security studies that will among other things track the militants online activity especially radicalization of the youth.

President Obama in his recent trip to the African Union launched USD65 million security governance initiative that Kenya among other African countries like Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia are beneficiaries to strengthen their security sectors.

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This idiot mustafa thinks we are aware of their allegiance. He should be speaking from that far end of Somalia not in a peaceful country. Most converts are most probably joining ISIS for good reasons I guess. That’s the irony.

Look at libya,iraq,afganistan,syria and somali.Whenever the war monger(americans)are faced wth defeat,they hasten a retreat and outsource their warfare to naive regimes to do their biddin.Kenya now presumes to fight in a war wth no frontiers.