Kenya Defence Force Operations; Formations of Kenya Army, Battalions and Brigades

The Kenya Army is the senior service of the Kenya Defence Forces. Its operations are organized into various battalions and troops.

The Infantry units are the principle fighting arms of the Kenya Army. The primary mission of the Infantry formations is to fight and win land battles within area of operational responsibilities in the defense of the nation against land – based aggression, while the secondary mission is the provision of aid and support to civil authorities in the maintenance of order. Deploying Kenya Defence Forces in a particular area for instance in Somalia basically means making use of this division of the Kenya Army.

Kenya Army Paratroopers are ground troops who operate in areas that ground vehicles cannot operate. They thus are deployed by air and descend on parachutes to their destinations.

The Parachute Battalion has contributed enormously in internal and external security operations. Some of these operations include the Shifta campaign in the North Eastern Province and the Ngoroko campaign in Turkana and West Pokot District to flush out the Ethiopian rebel group, Oromo Liberation Front. Other areas Where the Unit has operated are: Lokichogio (1991-1992), Garbanilla (1994 – 1996), Baragoi (1998 – 2001) and Hakati 2004 and 2005.

Kenya Army Armour are armoured troops who use bullet proof trucks to access extremely dangerous places.The origins of Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB) can be traced back to 1968 when a reconnaissance troop was formed at the Kenya Army Headquarters.

Kenya Army Artillery is comprised in what is referred in the army as the Support Battalion. School of Artillery traces its origin to 1966 soon after the formation of the first Artillery battery, the 1st Mortar Battery.

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Kenya Army Engineers was formed on October 1, 1965 as an Engineer Company based at Gilgil. The unit has successfully undertaken several projects including Construction of Wajir Airstrip in 1970s.

50 Air Cavalry Battalion (50 ACB) was set up as an aerial reconnaissance and airborne anti – tank battalion on July 1, 1979. Prior to its implementation, there were suggestions that that the new unit was to be an Air Force unit.

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