Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2011

Kenya Army Upgrading its Strengths

Kenya Defense Forces are upgrading their military capabilities to achieve required capacity in responding to new threats. Though the upgrades, that include new acquisitions, have been ongoing, the need to achieve desired capacity is dire. Huge budgetary allocations set aside to facilitate achievement of the core objective in principal have been put into use. This is an effort to modernize the Kenya army, a defense official explained.

Proposals to upgrade the air force we made in 2009. The objective was to modernize the air force with modern air defenses including new radar systems, drone support systems, larger airbases, and a new fleet of modern jet fighters. Based on geopolitics, the army needed well-armed infantry besides adequately equipped. Better main battle tanks, missile launchers, and military transport capacity were also required to modernize the army.

Kenya Air force to Acquire Modern Fighter Aircrafts in 2012

The Kenya air force has been desperately shopping for superior, affordable, and easily serviceable fighter jets particularly American F-15 fighter jet. A visit by Kenya

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