Kenya Army Headquarters-HQ KA Components And Duties

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Kenya Army is the land force service of the Kenya Defence Forces. It is also the senior most service of the forces especially being the oldest of all three services.

The Kenya Army is the most fortified in terms of both personnel and equipment owing to the fact that it is the most dominant in the country with bases spread across the country.

The Kenya Army has its headquarters at the Ministry of State for Defence complex in Hurlingham, Nairobi and shares premises with the military headquarters.

The Headquarters Kenya Army-HQ KA has 5 major components the Commander, his deputy and three principal branches; Operations, Plans, Training and Doctrine Branch, Directorate of Logistics and Personnel Branch.

Headquarters Kenya Army-HQ KA  major performs the role of overall command, direction, control and general supervision of the largest service of the KDF. It is also the component that is charged with the role of formulating and overseeing the implementation of the policies that govern the Kenya Army.

The Military is governed by a very high level of discipline which directly translates to a clear outline of roles played by each and every component to deliver effectively on the Kenya Army’s mandate.

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  1. Personnel Branch

This is the branch that handles all matters of the soldiers. It manages and implements policies and plans about the personnel which include;

  • Human resources management- recruitment, promotions and other career developments of the servicemen and women
  • Salaries and remuneration
  • Medical services rendered to the Kenya Army personnel
  • Legal services
  • Education service; seminars and other training as well as supplementary courses for the personnel
  • Religious services or the officers, servicemen and women
  1. Operations, Plans, Training and Doctrine Branch
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This is the technical team of the service it deals with all issues related to operations and reconnaissance. Its major roles include;

  • Formulates, reviews and coordinates all operational plans
  • They develop contingency plans that are used in case the major operation or plan flops
  • Formulates and coordinates the training and doctrine formula and revises it in case of any adjustments
  • Evaluate all training and its relevance
  • manage the communication and IT training policies for personnel
  1. Directorate of Army Logistics

This branch mainly handles all the logistics ranging from formations to budgets. It works closest with the Army Commander to efficiently provide support at all times; war and peace. The key functions revolve around;

  • Managing the Army Budget
  • Advising on logistics plans and programs of operations
  • Formulating and overseeing the maintainability plans of troops on external or internal operations, training or peacekeeping missions
  • Managing the Army Logistic Components

The mentioned components herein of the Headquarters Kenya Army-HQ KA are mandated with daily management and policy formulation and implementation of the largest service in KDF and are responsible for the effective and timely deliverance of the Kenya Army’s mandate, vision and mission.


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