Kenya Army Foils Mpeketoni Anniversary Al-Shabaab Terror Attack in Lamu Kenya, 11 Terrorists & 2 Soldiers Killed

Kenya Special Forces FN SCAR Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) (1)14th June 2015:

Kenya’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and the Country Intelligence service confirm that a Contingent of Kenya Defense Forces on Sunday Morning, of 14th June 2015, raided a terrorist camp near Kiunga, a frontier-border point in Kenya, killing 11 terrorists from the Somali based terror group Harakat Al Shabaab Al Mujahideen who were planning attacks on the Mpeketoni Terror Attack Anniversary.

The intelligence reports show that a Group of 100 militants had amassed in the forests and were in the final stages of making their movements into Lamu to conduct terror attacks in Lamu County of Kenya.

The militants who included a dozen White men were targeting the Mpeketoni Terror Attack Anniversary. Directorate of Military Intelligence reports confirm presence of several foreign fighters in the group and some may have been killed.

2 Kenya Army soldiers died and 2 others were injured in the preemptive military operation.

Army troops acting on intelligence captured an assortment of weapons from the terrorists. Security Intelligence in Kenya has significantly improved as the services invests more in preempting threats posed by insecurity.

Kenya is on high alert after intelligence reports indicated terrorists were planning suicide attacks during the Ramadhan period.

The Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet on Saturday issued an alert about possible terror attacks in the country in coming days.

Strategic Intelligence had issued a similar warning on Monday, June 8th 2015

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