Kenya Anti-Terror Operation ‘Operation Linda Usalama’ Yielding Results

ea mapThe government of Kenya has scored highly after it managed to pre-empt threats on security.

There were many targets by the terrorists and we are now going to the third week without reports of a single terror attack.

Al-Shabaab terror network, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda had planned to conduct several major terror attacks in the East African nation.

None of these planned attacks succeeded.

Intelligence Sharing Across East Africa

Intelligence services in Kenya have been sharing intelligence on terror cells across the region with neighbouring countries intelligence services.

The movement of these cells and their communication logs has helped the inter-services effort to nip plans to stage attacks in time.

Tanzania, Uganda, and Somalia have been working very closely with Kenya since they all face a similar threat.

Increase in Terrorist Cells in the Region

Tanzania has suffered several terror attacks in the recent past.

The country is working in rooting out radicalization efforts by Al-shabaab groups now operating in Tanzania.

Mtwara region has become a terrorist breeding ground and Tanzania has to do everything possible to stop them.

Kenya is sending all refugees back to designated refugee centres and deporting all those classified as illegals.

The security services have profiled facilities including youth centres and Mosques involved in radicalization of youths in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Kenya is harbouring a huge number of Al-Shabaab terror cells since it is the immediate neighbour to Somalia, home to Al-Shabaab terror network.

Uganda and the rest of the East African region have not suffered much from terrorism though Kampala suffered an attack during the last world cup after a bomb exploded in a bar where people were watching a match. More than 70 people were killed. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.

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Kenya is assisted by US FBI and CIA SOGs to monitor terrorists and their cells in the country. Israel also offers inter-agency help to curb terror activities in Kenya owing to the fact the it is one of the high target of terrorists.




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