Kenya And Other Commonwealth Countries To Receive £5M Counter-Extremism Unit From Britain


British Prime Minister David Cameron announced £5 million funding to a Commonwealth Counter-extremism Unit that is geared towards boosting the bloc’s capability to counter extremism and eventual terrorism.

The funding will be disbursed in £1 million every year batches for the 5 years and will benefit all commonwealth members in the efforts to deal with the vice.


Commonwealth bloc is set to benefit from a joint counter-extremism unit that will be funded by Britain according to British Prime Minister David Cameron. The £5 million funding will be disbursed in a period of 5 years £1 million every year and will be focused on expanding and strengthening the bloc’s capability in countering extremism and terrorism.

An additional £200,000 is set to be injected into the European counter-radicalization Youth Network to include the Commonwealth. Some of the countries that have experienced high levels of youth radicalization include the UK, Nigeria, Kenya and countries in the horn of Africa as well as Middle East and countries in the EU bloc.

Commonwealth which draws membership from former British colonies is looking to globalize the fight against youth radicalization and violent extremism not only in Europe but in their respective regions where it is slowly taking roots.

Cameron said “The fight against extremism is something that affects us all. To increase cooperation with countries around the world to share best practice and identify new approaches to countering poisonous ideologies.”

The unit will work with civil societies in member states, commonwealth governments with the basic mission of supporting national, regional and international counter-extremism strategies employed.

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