Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2012

Kenya Airforce Acquires British MX-15 Stabilized Reconnaissance Turret’s

The Kenya airforce has acquired the British MX-15 stabilized reconnaissance turret for its Y-12 twin turbo-prop aircraft.

Under a British royal airforce agreement, the Kenya airforce had the MX-15 stabilized reconnaissance turret provided and mounted by the British.

MX-15 stabilized reconnaissance turret was mounted on the 5.3 ton Y-12 aircraft, a Chinese made aircraft used by the airforce.

MX-15 stabilized reconnaissance turret is a 45kg equipment used to spot enemy facilities and resources such as armed boats and ships 20 kilometers away concisely.

The equipment can be operated both at night and day making it highly effective in surveillance.

Using a Y-12 aircraft with the MX-15 a pilot can spot and identify ships and boats 20 kilometers in the daylight and at night.

It has a zoom feature that enables identification of men in a boat and confirm if they are armed with weapons such as AK-47s and RPGs.

The Kenya airforce MX-15 equipped Y-12 will patrol Kenyan waters and up towards its maritime border with Somalia where armed skiffs sail ferrying armed Al-Shabaab recruits.

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