KDF to Stay Put in Somalia, General Samson Mwathethe Reaffirms

Chief of Defence Forces Samson Mwathethe (left) being shown around Kismayo International Airport camp.
Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Samson Mwathethe (left) being shown around Kismayo International Airport camp.


28th December 2015, Kenya’s Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Samson Mwathethe has reaffirmed that KDF will not leave Somalia until Al Shabaab is defeated.

KDF’s Chief in a media interview reaffirmed KDF commitment in the war against terror saying that Kenya Defence Forces will remain in Somalia and will continue to battle the Al Qaeda affiliated jihadist group under AMISOM banner until the militant outfit is defeated.

General Mwathethe said the Kenyan troops mandate in Somalia will continue until Kenya’s border with Somalia are secure.

The general compared Al Shabaab with a crawling snake that must be eradicated.

KDF boss further appealed to members of public to cooperate with security personnel to flush out any militants hiding in their midst.

KDF Chief said this in regards to the recent series of attacks in Mandera linked to the Al Shabaab where intelligence has warned of growing terror cells in the region.

Intelligence has pointed out possibility of some local residents collaborating with Al Shabaab in providing them with food and medical supplies besides giving them information.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery on his part asked Kenya security forces to remain vigilant ready to preempt any potential terror attacks.

While in Lamu, Interior CS warned that Al Shabaab is facing stiff rivalry from a faction that recently decamp it camp to Islamic State might try to strike in desperation to prove relevance.

Nkaisserry noted that Al Shabaab which is breaking into smaller factions will and must be defeated by KDF and other security forces that joined in the war against terror.

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He also implored on Kenyans to remain vigilant, give out any information that may help in winning war against the terrorists.

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Guys,insteady of giving moral support to our bouys again u are critising??unless otherwise,al-shabab will one yime be history,by KDF,or UPDF or US,RASSIA no matter but at one time will come yo an end.
Lets kenya n ug,burundi,and others do there part.
Unless u are al-shababs yo selves

if u knew the truth ud be shocked???? somalia boarders ethopia also but alshabab never has a prob with them truth is alshabab has taken the charcoal business to be theres n that was there target…..KDF cannot leave somalia…..the cash is to good n there is no alshabab in kenya …the alshabab in kenya is just a false flag for political interest……why does it attack only when the gvmt is in a fix…..to throw us off n way believe it or not…..ur choice

It doesn’t make a difference why AlShabab is attacking Kenyan and slaughtering our people. Terrorism is terrorism and must be combated forcefully especially the kind that has no political agenda except to kill indiscriminately.

Abou Alii ur just emotional about this issue of terrorism. Terrorism in Kenya is surrounded by many other issues of our making thru casual and corrupt leadership.
Kenya for long has been a base for money laundering, drug and other illicit trade , human trafficking perpetrated by so called leaders contribute to this situation

I’m not being emotional at all. Problem is some Kenyans who can’t separate between their partisan political interests and national issues. These people will criticise what the government is doing just to berate their political opponent and score political point. As to me, I’ve been studying the terrorism issue internationally and take a deep view of the problem as it is our people who are dying as these guys play political games.

What’s this man really saying? I abhor al shabaab but does he understand world history? Read abit about USSR in Afghanistan and US in Vietnam
KDF has no capacity to defeat these blood thirsty goons. Isis is putting up an “” impressive ” resistance against superpowers.
Let’s look for other solutions alongside military action.
Its being done against Isis

ISIS is being defeated by regional states and popular forces on the ground such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah and Popular Militias from as far away as Afghanistan all united. Air support provided by Russian Air Force has been of great help too. This is despite the naysayers from the US, UK, French and Israeli regimes who have been trying through their propaganda machinery to demoralise the governments and peoples of the regions that it is hopeless to battle the terrorists unless they invite the Western militaries back to take full control which those governments and people have refused. It has taken months to organise a winning strategy without the West’s support but they have started rolling back the terrorists back and handing them defeat after defeat.
It is the same Western propaganda that is trying to misguide our people that it is hopeless to battle AlShabab without accepting the command and control of the western armed forces something our governments rightly find unacceptable. We only have to look at Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya to see what happens to countries that these imperialist powers go in to “help”. It is documented that most of these terrorist groups have been trained by Americans, French, British and Israelis to fight countries that don’t kow tow to their demands in the North African and West Asian region and this conflict of interest alone should be enough for us to keep them out of this war except to supply us with military equipment to do the job. We should call on genuine allies in war against terrorism like Russia, India and even Iran and China instead.

It means after so many months of planning the beginning of the end of the ISIS reign of terror is finally at hand. They are losing territory both in Syria and Iraq. The regional anti-terrorism forces are now aiming for its two major centres in Raqqa (Syria) and Mosul (Iraq) before the focus turns to Libya where they are still entrenched. Iraqis and Syrians are showing us it can be done.

ISIS is just a mutation of the many Islamist groups and only name changes . These goons have been around for a long time. These things yu call popular militants only espouse different versions of the foolish ideologies.
Defeating extremism largely depends on targeting the thoughts of those involved

You’re right about tackling the ideology of these foolish goons. However in the meantime they are wielding guns and slaughtering our people. That has to be confronted with appropriate force. That doesn’t mean we don’t do anything about our own internal weaknesses that abet or provide fertile ground for the proliferation of these hate cults. Far from it. All these must be done.