KDF-SNA Operation in Gobweyn Outside Kismayu Neutralized 26 Al-Shabaab Militants


On Thursday 15th of September 2016, Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) backed by Juba-Land Forces/SNA conducted a ground offensive targeting encampments of the Somali Islamist group Harakat Al-Shabaab Mujahideen in Gobweyn outside the seaport city of Kismayu in Juba region of Somalia.

Approximately 26 militants were killed after KDF/SNA troops sorrounded the militants at Wirkoy bridge in Gobweyn 37 kilometers outside Kismayu city.

3 Al-Shabaab terrorists vehicles were destroyed by the army.

Military intelligence reports the operation was very successful

Al-Shabaab capability to move around the area and conduct attacks using their technical vehicles was completely decimated.

The militants also lost their make-shift base at the Wirkoy bridge which they used to plan attacks against AMISOM forces.

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