KDF & SNA Kill Bashe Nure Hassan, an Al-Shabaab Commander in Kuday Botched Attack

Saturday 8th April 2017 at around 0305HRS, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) army soldiers operating under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) successfully engaged Al-Shabaab terrorists who had launched an attack at an SNA base adjacent to a KDF base in Kuday.

KDF using mortars and machine gun fire supported SNA troops and managed to thwart what would have been a major attack on SNA camp.

In the fierce engagement, two Al-Shabaab commanders were killed alongside several other fighters. One of the commanders was identified as Bashe Nure Hassan, a Kuday resident who was born and raised in the area. Hassan who joined Al-Shabaab terrorist group several years ago was a commander of a terror unit in the region. Several other fighters managed to escape with gun injuries.

Following the clash, the two Al-Shabaab commanders were killed alongside several others, arms and ammunition including three (3) AK 47 rifles, eleven (11) magazines, a satellite phone and 290 rounds of ammunitions were recovered.

There were no casualties from KDF and SNA troops.

In  a statement sent to the newsroom, KDF army soldiers reiterates that they remain vigilant and will continue to relentlessly pursue terrorists wherever they may be to ensure that there is peace and security throughout the country, as well support AMISOM operations until security and stability returns to Somalia

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