KDF Operation Kills Top Al Shabaab Commanders Responsible for Mandera Attacks

Event Summary

  • Kenyan Defence soldiers in joint cooperation with US lead drones strikes inflict heavy losses in attacks against Shabaab
  • Thursday 16, July 2015 in a bombardment about 40 kilometers from Bardere; two Al Shabaab commanders, Ismail Jamhad and Jamal Dhere, were killed in the 5am attack.
  • At least 53 Al-Shabaab militants including top commanders responsible for Mandera attacks killed in KDF operations in Jungal in Somalia.
  • 11 technical vehicles were also destroyed following the offensive.
  • Jungal was vital and one of the main militants’ planning and operations bases in Gedo region.
  • One KDF soldier died while another sustained injuries during the fight in the small township near Elade in Gedo region.
  • Mohamed Kuno alias Gamadheere who was the mastermind of Garissa attacks confirmed is still at large but his tracking is still on.


Recently the Somali based Harakat al- Shabaab al-Mujahideen movement has increased their militia activities inside Somalia and in Kenya’s North eastern region.

Al-Shabaab activities have heightened in the past week as Ramadhan period draws to a close following sustained pressure from troops operating under AMISOM.

The jihadists have opted in using tactical strategies of ambushing soldiers while traveling in their vehicles. They have employed the use of explosive devices planting them strategically on the roads.

The militants have infiltrated with local youths who help them in logistics as they are well versed with geographical terrain.

Kenya Defence Forces working closely with Intelligence Service have been able to track the militant operational bases aiding US to strike these camps successfully.

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The death of the top and middle Al Shabaab commanders is a big blow to the outfit and will greatly hurt the militant’s operations.


Al Shabaab which is an affiliate of the Al Qaeda terror group wants to topple the western backed government and impose a strict interpretation of sharia laws on Somalia.

The militants have not succeeded, has been driven out of major strongholds by African Union forces (AMISOM) which KDF is part of.

The militants continue to wage their incursions on innocent civilians, though recently they have shifted their guns towards government officials, institutions and even on politicians.

Kenya army has intensified focus on its operations in Southern Somalia in countering the Al Shabaab activities and likely Harakat al- Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement will lose key strategic territories from which they plan and orchestrate their attacks.

There are over 4,000 KDF soldiers in Somalia and along the border operating under AMISOM umbrella, their efforts to prevent infiltration of the militants into Kenya through crossing the borders will greatly yield in preempting threats posed by the terror outfit.

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i wonder the number of alshabab cause with all the resources drones uganda kenya amison and some local militia alshabab still exist and recently killed dozen of amison soldiers