KDF Mount Counter Offensive Strike Against Al-Shabaab Bases in Somalia



  • 19th January 2016, KDF continues to hit Al-Shabaab both in air and on land
  • Beside heavy bombardments on Al Shabaab bases, KDF’s Special Forces are engaged on search and rescue mission which now enters its fifth day on Tuesday.
  • Monday 18th January 2016, 30 soldiers who survived Al Shabaab raid arrive in Nairobi and received by CDF Samsom Mwathethe and Defence Secretary Raychelle Omamo among other Military top brass.
  • Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta retaliates that Kenya will not be cowed by Terrorists and calls on Kenyans to stand with KDF in their prayers.
  • Chief of Defence Forces, General Samson Mwathethe describe the operation in Somalia as a delicate operation, citing Special Forces deployment.
  • Counter-offensive continues, Kenya air force warplanes conduct air strikes against Al-Shabaab bases while on the ground, tactical units using armoured vehicles continues to hit the terrorists’ camps.
  • Helplines made available, families affected to be notified first, Defence CS.

Kenya continues to mourn the deaths of the Fallen KDF soldiers; KDF continues to mount heavy counter offensives strikes against Al-Shabaab bases in Somalia.

Latest military reports coming from Somalia indicated KDF air force wing has conduct successful airstrikes in Gedo locality in Somalia inflict heavy casualties on Al Shabaab militants.

Similar military operations were witnessed on Monday at Arabow, one Al-Shabaab largest encampment located some 49 kilometers north of Baule (Jubbaland Somalia)

Sources report airstrikes conducted by Kenyan jets were heavier and used strangely powerful bombs on target Arabow

Meanwhile, KDF’s Special Forces deployed continues with search mission which Kenya Defence Forces, Chief of Defence Forces, General Samson Mwathethe described as delicate and must be undertaken tactfully to avoid further casualties.

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Speaking in coastal region, President Uhuru Kenya who is the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces retaliated that Kenya will not be cowed and will not bow to terrorists.

President Kenyatta stressed that Kenya will do all it can to defend it citizenry calling on Kenyans to stand with their gallant forces.

Monday, 30 soldiers were also received at Wilson airport uninjured though tired from the ordeal. Same evening four bodies of fallen KDF soldiers was received at the same airport by Defence CS, Raychelle Omamo, CDF, Gen. Samson Mwathethe, Kenya Air Force Commander Samuel Thuita and other top military officials.

So far helplines made available as follows;

  • 0792780862 at Defence headquarters,
  • 0792780863 at Defence Forces Memorial Hospital,
  • 0792780864 at Gilgil,
  • 0792780865 in Eldoret barracks.

On Sunday, Gen Mwathethe assured Kenyans and families affected as quoted; “To our families who have taken every step with us, thank you. I assure you that KDF fraternity will stand with you till the end.”



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