KDF Military Airstrikes Destroy an Al-Shabaab Base in Gedo Region, Southern Somalia

Tuesday 25/4/2017, airstrikes conducted by KDF as part of a combined (AMISOM) offensive against Al Shabaab reportedly has destroyed an Al-Shabaab base in Gedo region of Southern Somalia. 

The regional authorities have confirmed of KDF latest air sorties saying a number of militants who were present at the base that serves as training and logistic base were felled.

The Kenyan Air Force targeted Al Shabaab military bases located in in War-Gadud, located 40 kilometers west of El Ade district in southern Somalia.

Military intelligence reports also show that the aerial campaign enabled KDF-army on ground troops to conduct land operations against the terror group. The combined operation destroyed Al Shabaab military facilities and also destroyed a significant quantity of military resources owned by the terror group.

KDF has played a significant role in aiding AMISOM to degrade Al Shabaab military capacity in Somalia. Nonetheless, the terror group still retains the capacity to conduct low-scale hit-and-run attacks against government targets, SNA and AMISOM troops.

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