KDF Jets Bombard on an Al-Shabaab Base near Garbaharey in Somalia

Reports from Somalia indicate that, the Kenyan military jet fighters conducted airstrikes against an Al-Shabaab base near near Garbaharey, the regional capital of Gedo region, Somalia.

Reports indicate that the air bombardments from KDF jets targeted an Al-Shabaab logistics and training base at a militant-held area near Garbaharey.

Further reports and referenced by various open sources indicate that the air sorties left dozens of Al-Shabaab operatives mostly freshly recruited trainees killed in the Friday night assault.

Corresponding reports from the residents in Kulbis, a small town located about 20kilometers north of Garbaharey confirmed they heard loud explosions, presumed to the bombardment by Kenya air force F-5 jets.

Humiliated Al-Shabaab is yet to release its own statement, in regard to the KDF airstrike.

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