KDF Convoy Ambushed By Al-Shabaab Militants Between Qoqani and Afmadow in Somalia

KDF forces ambushed as they left their bases near Afmadow in Lower Jubba

KDF forces ambushed as they left their bases near Afmadow in Lower Jubba

Somali based militant group Al-Shabaab ambushed a KDF convoy between Qoqani and Afmadow in Lower Jubba region of southern Somalia on Saturday 19th March 2016, afternoon.

A KDF military vehicle was decommissioned by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) planted by the roadside.

KDF soldiers responded to the ambush with gunfire.  Initial BDA, all Kenyan soldiers accounted for with four soldiers sustaining life threatening injuries from the explosion that hit their APC.

KDF stymie the ambush at Hayo area, some 25 kilometers away from Dhobley town. Death toll of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group has so far risen to 21.

Unfortunately latest military intelligence from Somalia indicates that the four KDF soldiers succumbed to the injuries.

Al-Shabaab had planted IED by roadside targeting KDF convoy carrying the coalition forces in Afmadow town and en route to Dhobley.

During the clash, KDF also siezed 19 AK-47 rifles, three rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and a pistol from the militants.

Afmadow and Dhobley towns fall under that Kenyan and Jubbaland forces.

Al-Shabaab rushed to claim responsibility on their pro-websites though exaggerating casualties on AMISOM forces.

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