KDF Airstrike in Gedo Somalia Destroys Al-Shabaab Terrorists’ Makeshift Camp, Technical Vehicles, Kills Several

Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) on Saturday at around midday conducted airstrikes against Al-Qaeda affiliated jihadists in Somalia, Al-Shabaab terror movement positions in Gedo Township in south-western Somalia killing several militants besides destroying 2 technical vehicles used by the terrorists.

The raids also saw the terrorists’ makeshift camp destroyed together with their terrorism hardware and related weapons.

The airstrikes were conducted after credible intelligence warned of terrorists encamping in villages near the KDF forward operating base (FOB) in anticipation to conduct attacks against the base.

Terrorists have in the past months fired mortars against the base outposts besides destroying communication infrastructure in an attempt to deny the FOB communication with other bases.

There is improved intelligence sharing between SNA and KDF in decimating the militant’s capability in Gedo region which has severally been used as launching pad for attacks.

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