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Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2012

KDF Air-Force Superiority May Manifest in the Near Future

Speculation on Kenya Defense Forces air force superiority has continued for an year and air defense analysts and magazines have not picked the wind on Kenya air-force new acquisitions.

The secrecy of the Kenya air-force is traditional and the current scramble for arms in the East and Central Africa adds panache to the crucial defense procurement secrecy.

According to Strategic Intelligence analysis on the scenario, Nairobi is the East and Central Africa’s biggest regional economy, hence this tag automatically qualifies Nairobi as the regions defense shield.

Nairobi has watched her neighbors scramble for arms to increase their defense capability with neighbors like Uganda buying far superior jets than any other country including Kenya and Ethiopia.

Based on Strategic Intelligence-National security risk assessment on Kenya, Nairoba has has made judgments about the relative impact and likelihood of each national security threat in comparison with others either internal or external.

National Security Risk assessment involves consideration of the impact of an event (based on possible economic consequences, casualties in the event of a military attack and social/structural factors such as ethnic affiliated problems funded by foreign nations or locally); and the likelihood of such events occurring over a determined time-frame.

This underpins the relative interaction between economics and strategy and relates military conflicts to economic progress, hence Nairobi will have to procure what can safegaurd its economic progress effectively over a determined time-frame.

According to Strategic Intelligence analysis on the President Kibaki’s economic policy, Wealth is usually needed to underpin military power and military power is usually needed to acquire and protect wealth, But if too much money is diverted towards military expenditures or if the state over extends itself by too many conquests, the results will not be satisfactory.

Kenya’s economy and cross-border trade relations in East and Cetral Africa must be solid enough to make gains that then will need a strong defense shield to keep healthy for as a long as possible.

Defense intelligence confirms that military officers in Kenya are already forewarned to steer clear of the acquisition of the new Kenya air-force jets.

The new Kenya air-force jets will be a large fleet of air-superiority fighters acquired to meet the increasing defense needs of the country for a well estimated length of time.

These new Kenya air-force jets will be seen in the skies anytime but they will be here for only one reason; that is, Kenya is a powerful country, and powerful countries, in order to protect their states must strike the right balance between defense, consumption and investment.

Simply Kenya must protect its immense wealth with military power.

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