Kathie Smith Terror Video Being Looked at by Homeland Security

Kathie Smith, a Muslim-convert U.S. citizen living in Indianapolis is being investigated for terrorism connections.

46-Year old Kathie married a German Jihadist Salahudin Ibn Ja’far in 2009.

Photos of her and her husband alongside other Jihadists raised concerns.

Kathie Smith has been traveling to Germany and the US too often making her movement suspicious.

Homeland Security is investigating a video of her and her husband Salahudin Ibn Ja’far

The six-minute video shows Kathie Smiths husband Salahudin Ibn Ja’far holding weapons, hugging, and making terror remarks.

Kathie Smith MySpace also has terror messages that read;

“As salamu alaikum akhi.. it is time for Jihad and it is now Fard ayn for ALL Muslims whether they are in the United Snakes or else where…Insha’Allah!!!!”

She has lauded the death of American soldiers in Iran and Afghan.

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