Jubbaland Forces Kill 15 Al-Shabaab Militants near Kismayo

Jubbaland forces the past weekend killed at least 15 Al-Shabaab militants during a clash near Kismayo town.

According to Ahmed Mohamud Ahmed, the spokesman for Jubbaland State security, their forces joined locals who were fighting Al-Shabaab militants in the area.

The militants had killed nine livestock owners. In retaliatory 15 Al-Shabaab militants were killed and several others were injured.

The spokesman also added that Jubbaland State forces captured three key locations from Al-Shabaab militants in Saturday’s operation.

“Our forces made progress in the fight against terrorists. We captured three key areas including Janay-Abdale and Ber-hano, located about some 60 kilometers west of Kismayo town. We are in full control of those locations and we remain there and continue the liberation,” he was quoted saying.

Al-Shabaab militants has not commented on the latest humiliation in an effort to steal livestock from the locals in Lower Juba region in southern Somalia.

Similar confrontation happened in central Somalia in November after locals rejected to pay Zakat (Islamic levy on wealth) imposed by Al-Shabaab militants.

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