JSF-Forces Lay Ambush on Al-Shabaab Militants Between Kanjiron and Baghdad in Loweer Jubba, 5 Militants Killed & Weapons Recovered

jsfWednesday 16th November 2016, JSF forces laid an ambush against the Al Qaeda-linked Islamists Al-Shabaab between Kanjiron and Baghdad area in Lower Jubba region of Somalia.

Military Intelligence reports (BDA) show that the morning raid by JSF left five Al-Shabaab militants killed and several others with injuries.

The forces managed to capture assortment of weapons including 5 AK 47 rifles. The special ambush team following intelligence lead also managed to recover seven technicals (pickups mounted with guns).

Further reports reveal that the ambush team identified approximately 150 Al-Shabaab militants in the area.

Al-Shabaab were caught off guard but immediately engaged the ambush team in a fire fight.

The enemy combatants were forced to withdraw and retreated towards Yaaq Bishar with JSF forces in pursuit.

Military Intelligence warns that Al-Shabaab must be planning a major attack on unknown target/position in Lower Jubba region of Somalia.

Continued disruption of the militant group is recommended.

Surveillance is likely to identify the militant position as the fleeing group is reportedly large enough.

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