“Jihadi Brides” under Kenya’s Custody had Links to Islamic State, Why Kenya Should be More Worried about ISIS

Kenya’s intelligence officers are calling on the government to further intensify the fight against terrorism invasion into the country, with a main focus on Al Shabaab and militants linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

The call comes at a time when investigators claim the four women accused of attempting to travel to Somalia to join Al Shabaab could also have links to ISIS.

These extremists are known to spread their propaganda through Social Media, where they carry out their radicalization, spread propaganda and recruitment.

The spread of radicalization is quite rapid among young Kenyans who have been arrested severally for attempts to join Somali-based Al Shabaab and now, ISIS in the middle east.

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The group is spreading so fast, just like marketing any other product. However, Kenya should be more worried following the return of Al Shabaab fighters after the amnesty call.

The returnees, who have gone through military training, radicalization and special training on how to carry out their “assignments”, are suspected to also be linked to ISIS by way of interest to join “stronger” militia groups.

Islamic State gang is known as the world’s deadliest militia group and Al Shabaab was cited as one of the militia groups which had an interest in pledging their allegiance to ISIS, after Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Intelligence service in Kenya is therefore calling for a fast but detailed scrutiny of these returnees who could be willing to share more information on Al Shabaab and its links with the Islamic State.

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Al Shabaab has a number of foreign fighters recruited from English speaking nations and the Middle east. Some have had access to other militia groups before they defected and joined Al Shabaab based in Somalia.

Kenya should therefore be on the look out to ensure that the country has relevant information in relation to these terror groups and not only Al Shabaab.

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