Italian Police Arrest Somali Migrants Linked to Militants

Italian police are in custody of Somali migrants linked with Islamic State militants.

According to police report, direct links between the Islamic State militants and a Somali-run migrants trafficking cell was busted in overnight operations in southern Italy.

Reports further reveal that the group’s leader of the Bari-base ring had been in contact via phone with Somali man arrested in Italy

Italian police link Somali migrant traffickers to militants in Italy over links of having facilitated two Islamic State foreign militants enter Italy through Malta.

The police state also revealed that other ring members frequented websites linked to the Somali based terrorist group, Al-Shabaab.

The dozen Somalis targeted in the raids Wednesday are accused of transporting migrants to northern Europe, including with false documents, and running a money transfer network popularly known as ‘Hawalas’.

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