Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Visit Kenya Early 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Kenya early 2012, intelligence reports ascertain.

During a cabinet meeting on 10th December 2011, Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his interest to visit Kenya early 2012.

Netanyahu accepted an invitation by the Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga who visited the country on November.

Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated the need to secure Kenya from fundamentalism during his meeting with the Prime Minister in Jerusalem.

According to Shimon Perez and Netanyahu, Kenya is a critical ally of Israel and crucial to the stability of the East African region.

There is paucity of research on Kenyan geopolitics though it is obvious it is the gateway to Central Africa, besides the economic hub of East and Central Africa.

Israel promised to help Kenya in achieving optimum homeland security.

In the meeting, military help was discussed with the Kenya delegation requesting to purchase part of the huge fleet of Israeli F-15 fighter aircrafts.


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